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Terms & Condition


1. The Sender / Authorised person must always provide the full contact details of Sender and Receiver to do the shipment successfully.

2. We shall not be responsible for Theft, Loss or/Damage of Articles/Goods in transit in Railways.

3. Sender must declare the contents of Goods/Articles contained in the Parcel for despatch.

4. Sender must provide the hard copy of Invoice/Bill for the Article/Goods shipment done.

5. Sender must declare the actual and real value of Articles/Goods which is non Insured.

6. Sender must declare the Insurance value of the Articies/Goods., No claim settle without Insurance.

7. If the TO PAY amount is not paid the Consignee (receiver) at the Destination then the amount has to liable to pay for customer.

8. If the parcel is not collected by the Consignee (receiver) at the Destination within 15 days of despatch, then the shipper will be not held responsible for any misshapen of the respective Articles/Goods.

9. We will be not responsible for any Delay, Loss and or Damage to the Articles / Goods due to act of God, Strike, Govt. Holiday. Political Strike or any reason which may disharmony the transit.

10. The formalities to make payment of Taxes like Octroi, Excise, Custom and any other Govt./ Local taxes wherever liveable shall bepayable by party.

11. We will not accept any contraband Items, Liquid or Flammable Articles & any other Goods/Articles failing under Restriction of IRTA Rules.

12. If the party is unable to take the delivery of Goods/Articles in time at destination, then the party is responsible to pay the charges for the shipment done by one way of returned.

13. If checking take place by any Government Authorities, the party is responsible to Show/Produce the relevant papers to them. 14. We will be not responsible is case of Goods detained, seized or confiscated by appropriate Govt. Authorities.

15. Any dispute at destination, party should inform to the shipper provider immediately.

16. Dispute it any subject to Kolkata Jurisdiction.